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Welcome to Jeremy M. Wilson’s professional site. Dr. Wilson is a Professor in the School of Criminal Justice and Director of the Police Staffing Observatory at Michigan State University (MSU). Dr. Wilson founded and led the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection and the Program on Police Consolidation and Shared Services at MSU as well as the Center on Quality Policing and the Police Recruitment and Retention Clearinghouse at the RAND Corporation. This website is a resource for those interested in learning more about his research and professional activities.

An Expert with Decades of Research

Brand Protection

Brand protection and the nature and response to counterfeit products are¬†key aspects of Dr. Wilson’s research.


Dr. Wilson’s research spans police administration, from staffing and consolidation to community policing and resource allocation.

Public Safety

Gun violence, terrorism, internal security, and community crime are just a few areas of Dr. Wilson’s public safety expertise.