Reframing the Police Staffing Challenge: A Systems Approach to Workforce Planning and Managing Workload Demand. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Vol. 18, 2024.

Policing agencies in the United States and elsewhere continue to face staff shortages. Calls for greater diversity and different skills among police officers further complicate staffing efforts. Attempts to address these issues typically focus on recruitment and retention. This oversimplifies the problems and leads to piecemeal solutions. We draw on multiple threads of staffing research and field experience to highlight lessons for building effective police workforces. We illustrate the interconnected nature of staffing allocation, workload demand, performance objectives, staff supply…

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Becoming a Learning Organization for Recruitment. Police Chief, 2024.

This article discusses how a police agency can become a learning organization for recruitment. First, it reviews some recent issues and initiatives in recruiting. Second, it discusses recruiting in the context of becoming a learning organization. Third, it reviews how one agency has applied the principles of a learning organization to its own recruiting work. Finally, it identifies some lessons for agencies interested in applying principles of a learning organization. Read More

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The Impact of Complicit Social Media Influencers on Males’ Consumption of Counterfeit Goods in the UK. South Wales, Newport, UK, Intellectual Property Office, 2024.

An important recent trend is the increased role of social media influencers in facilitating the trade. Influencers are regarded as trusted opinion leaders in their online communities, so their views matter to followers. Rights holders leverage this trust by offering products to influencers who can help promote them. However, some complicit influencers promote the illicit wares whilst reassuring potentially susceptible followers that buying counterfeits is both rational and acceptable. Previous research commissioned by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) focused on…

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Practices Used by Online Marketplaces to Tackle the Trade in Counterfeits. Geneva, Switzerland: World Intellectual Property Organization, 2023.

Online marketplaces have developed over the past 20 years into a vigorous, innovative and hugely successful industry. It supports large corporations and empowers emerging entrepreneurs by connecting them with customers across the globe. However, there is a dark side to this success: it also facilitates the trade in counterfeit goods. In contrast to other facilitative industries, such as logistics and payment providers, online marketplaces attract special attention because the visibility of the counterfeits in their shop windows create obvious opportunities…

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Police Recruitment and Selection: Resources and Lessons for Workforce Building. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing, 2023.

Police officer recruitment and selection are challenging, yet vitally important contributors to police accountability and establishing a trusted relationship with the community. To help police leaders make informed decisions, researchers at Michigan State University reviewed existing literature and compiled this guide to current resources on law enforcement staffing. The guide presents summaries of publications describing innovative strategies and rigorously tested recruitment and selection tactics in a format that is concise and accessible. All information is cross tabulated on an easy-to-read…

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The Impact of Deviant Social Media Influencers and Consumer Characteristics on Purchasing Counterfeit Goods. Deviant Behavior (Open Access)

Product counterfeiting is a large and global economic crime that causes significant economic, social and personal harms. Facilitated by the efficiency and convenience of e-commerce, finding and buying counterfeits have never been easier. Going beyond product listings on websites, counterfeiters are now using sophisticated marketing techniques to promote their illicit wares. This includes employing deviant social media influencers who violate social norms and the law to peddle counterfeit goods via channels such as YouTube and Instagram. However, very little is…

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Police Retention: A Systematic Review of the Research. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, Vol. 17 (Online Advance), 2023.

Difficulties in recruitment and retention undermine the ability of U.S. police departments to maintain and diversify their workforces, particularly in light changing workloads and performance expectations. The police reform movement and recent increases in crime have highlighted these challenges, but other systemic and acute issues have also made staffing departments difficult. Attention to police staffing has been sporadic and uneven, with much discussion focused on recruitment. Given increasing attrition and that retention is more efficient than recruitment, there is considerable…

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Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022.

***WINNER OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CRIMINOLOGY DIVISION ON WHITE-COLLAR AND CORPORATE CRIME OUTSTANDING BOOK AWARD*** Product counterfeits and other brand infringements represent a growing and substantial risk to firms, consumers, and society. While policing such illicit activity is important, there is much that firms can do to protect themselves and their customers. Grounded in field research and practice, this book presents a total business solution approach to brand protection that enables firms to prevent infringement from occurring and respond…

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“The Brand Protector’s Dilemma and the Total Business Solution” in Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach.  Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2-17, 2022.

Brand protection practitioners struggle with several common questions. These include the nature of the risk, its size, articulating the need for resources to address it, effectively allocating these resources, and demonstrating the value of a brand protection program. Little systematic research has been available to help practitioners address these questions. This volume reviews the principles of a total business solution for brand protection and means for implementing it. Its chapters on assessing the nature of product counterfeit risk discuss how…

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“Building and Optimizing a Brand Protection Program: A Total Business Solution Model” in Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach.  Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 19-36, 2022.

Though the value of their brands is among their most valuable assets, firms may have little in place for brand protection. Those that do have brand protection programs in place often rely on reactive actions rather than including strategies for prevention as well. This chapter introduces the elements of a total business solution program model for a brand protection program. This model goes beyond initial reaction to a brand protection problem and describes a proactive solution. Its elements include problem…

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Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach

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