Brand Protection

How Global Firms Organize for Brand Protection. Brand Protection Professional, Vol. 1 (1): 34-36, 2016.

Brand-integrity management has become more important to global firms, but few studies have examined how brand-owning firms assess and mitigate product counterfeit risk. This brief summarizes research on ten brand-protection teams about organization, measurement, practices, success and other areas of brand protection. This benchmarking study illustrates the brand protection practices of these leading firms. Read More

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A Total Business Approach to the Global Risk of Product Counterfeiting. GlobalEdge Business Review, Vol. 10 (1): 1-6, 2016.

Product counterfeiting is a growing, global risk that poses many negative consequences for businesses, consumers, governments, national security, the economy, and society. Research suggests that the first step in formulating effective strategies to combat such crime is to understand what shapes the nature of the criminal opportunity. Read More

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