Police Recruitment and Retention in the Contemporary Urban Environment: Personnel Experiences and Promising Practices from the Front Lines. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, CFP-261-DOJ, 2009.

Pending baby-boom-generation retirements, military call-ups, local budget crises, competition for qualified applicants, and changing work preferences of younger generations exacerbate the challenge of recruitment and retention of police officers in a time of increasing crime and homeland security demands in American cities. Read More

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Community Policing and Crime Prevention in Oakland, CA. Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Griffith University, Research Preview No. 13, 2009.

In response to rising crime and violence, Oakland voters passed Measure Y, the Violence Prevention and Public Safety Act of 2004, a 10-year initiative designed to facilitate community policing, foster violence prevention, and improve fire and paramedic service. Read More

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