Measuring the “Unmeasurable” Approaches to Assessing the Nature and Extent of Product Counterfeiting. International Criminal Justice Review, 2016.

Due to its considerable negative consequences, product counterfeiting is a global problem that is a growing concern for consumers, government entities, law enforcement, and businesses. Unfortunately, current assessments of the nature and extent of the problem are largely unreliable and based on methodologies with significant limitations. Read More

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The Global Risk of Product Counterfeiting: Facilitators of the Criminal Opportunity. Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Backgrounder Series, 2015.

Product counterfeiting represents a growing, global risk that poses many negative consequences for consumers, businesses, governments, national security, the economy, and society. Research suggests that the first step in formulating effective strategies to combat such crime is to understand what shapes the nature of the criminal opportunity. This Backgrounder highlights facilitators of product counterfeiting opportunity. Read More

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Charting the Course: The Roles and Responsibilities of Ocean Going Transportation Intermediaries in the Distribution of Counterfeit Goods. Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Paper Series, 2015.

Whether they know it or not, ocean transportation intermediaries (OTIs) play a crucial role in the distribution of counterfeit goods across the globe. When these companies provide their services to product counterfeiters, they contribute to the proliferation of criminal schemes, and may expose themselves to criminal and civil liability. Read More

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